Your support during our 20 years of fighting for children with cancer, survivors, and their families has made it possible to make significant progress and dream even bigger as we look toward the future. We are proud to count you as our partner in this work.

As part of our 20th year celebration, we are proud to announce that Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy is now Children’s Cancer Cause.

While our name and logo have changed, our mission remains the same: to be the voice for children with cancer, survivors, and their families.

Dr. Susan Weiner founded the Children’s Cause to give voice to childhood cancer patients, survivors, and their families so that they amplify the need for better treatments and a lifetime of care for survivors. Susan cited some of our accomplishments over 20 years.

"We’ve worked to give those affected by childhood cancer the knowledge and skills to become informed, responsible advocates. We’ve helped create, as founding members of the Alliance for Childhood Cancer and the Coalition Against Cancer Advocacy, a new, vibrant, collaborative, action-ready national community of advocates.

Working closely with partners on Capitol Hill, in federal agencies and other childhood cancer organizations, we’ve achieved legislative victories in improving how new therapies are developed and how survivors are cared for. We’ve come so far.”

And the work is far from done.

Take Action

Beyond these 20 years, we recommit to improving the lives of every child with cancer and the nation's 500,000 childhood cancer survivors. We will:

  • Share vital stories and challenges with Washington leaders who have the power to make real and lasting change;

  • Be a strong responsible voice in national debates on research, treatments, healthcare, and survivorship;

  • Take our fight to Congress and the federal agencies and draft new legislation, strengthen existing policies, and introduce innovative ideas when old ones are not good enough.

Day in and day out, your support makes you a vital partner on the journey to fight for better lives for our kids, survivors, and families. Thank you.