Will You Sign Our Birthday Card?

Children’s Cancer Cause (formerly Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy) is celebrating 20 years of fighting for kids with cancer!

Sign our birthday card and show your support for kids with cancer and survivors. Share your message about the fight against childhood cancer. Your name and message will appear on the scroll below.

Thank you for your unwavering and continued support of our mission: a long, healthy life for every child with cancer.

Thank you for signing the Children's Cancer Cause birthday card! >>> Debbie Sieb: Thank you for all you do. My daughter is Abby and is a Medulloblastoma fighter. She inspired me to be better and reminds me how beautiful life is. Happy Birthday. >>> Charlene Mersburgh: Happy Birthday >>> Missa Edmonds: All you children are my inspiration my little warrior heroes 🤗🤗🤗 >>> Cheryl Heady >>> Marie Walton: Happy Birthday, here's to the next 20 years xxx >>> Susan Scherr: Here's to 20 years of meaningful work - happy birthday, Children's Cause!!!! >>> Christina J Rainey: From Lillian 8 >>> Margaret Smith >>> Lori Nordsven: Happy Birthday! >>> Paula Ayres: Happy birthday but would love to be saying good bye to Childhood Cancer. No child should ever have to endure this dreaded disease. >>> Linda C. Hardy >>> John & Nancy Stewart: The first 20 have just been a warm-up. The next 20 will be extraordinary. >>> Sandra Halford: I am a breast cancer survivor, amen. >>> Kallene Braithwaite: My son James Christian Braithwaite was diagnosed with a meduloblastoma brain tumor at age 6. He lived fourteen months with courage, love and faith. His life was and is precious. How I pray for children w cancer and their families. Treatment and hope has made great advances. I love u all😍💖 >>> Kimberly Carmichael: I love kids. I will support them as I can. Cancer makes me sad because they don't need that. They need to be healthy kids. >>> Kathy Granbois: Stay strong and keep fighting! >>> Renee Eberling: Happy Birthday. Keep doing what you do. Thank You. >>> Aleigha and Stephanie Hancock: May God's love and Grace be your shield. >>> Carly Allphin: Happy birthday from one cancer survivor to another. >>> Curtis Gantz: To all you brave kids fighting this horrible disease, you are so strong I don't even know what to say. Your courage and resilience is what gives me my courage and strength. You guys got this, I'm gonna bring in the cures as soon as I possibly can and until then know that a positive attitude and self love is key. I know it can be scary but I've got ALL your backs and together we will conquer this once and for all. I see you, I feel you, I am you ❤❤❤ >>> Andrea Holthouser: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thrilled to celebrate CCCA by signing up to be a monthly donor. Amazing organization doing very important work!! >>> Charlcie Steuble: Thanks for helping kids with cancer! >>> Jess Kean >>> George Dahlman: Thank you for all your years of work on behalf of our kids! >>> Julie Taylor